Introducing the new Uholm Messager

Today we’re rolling out the new Uholm Messaging experience that makes it simpler for customers and shop owners to connect and communicate between their trade.

What’s New:

  • All new designed messaging interface that’s easy and intuitive
  • Dedicated notification and email system to keep both parties informed with new conversations and replies
  • Easy swift between desktop and mobile 
  • Upload attachments in private conversation for product information and more
  • Safety and integrity features for users to report spammy content and impersonator accounts. 

Simple and Intuitive new messaging interface

Now it is easier than ever to manage your conversation between customers and sellers. We’ve redesigned the look and feel to be cleaner and more streamlined than before — including making it simple for people to see sellers and customer’s bios, products and other important info.

Dedicated Notification and New Ways to Engage

We are bringing the power of Notification to Uholm Messenger for the first time. Now Customer can keep track of conversations, trends, orders update and other notices on the platform. The dedicated Notification Center will also send emails update regarding conversation that you care most.

Seamless between desktop and mobile

Uholm now support richer layouts on both platform to make you have zero barrier between desktop and mobile shopping/selling experience

Upload attachments

You can now easily upload image in private conversation between your sellers and customers to keep them informed with visual information

Safety and Integrity Features

We want Uholm to be a safe place to sell and buy with customers and sellers, so we’ve improved our ability to detect activity that isn’t allowed on our platform. We are continuing to expand the visibility of a verified badge to make it easier to identify shops and products from authentic sellers. A reporting features will also be added to posts/products and seller profiles.

How to Transition and Learn More

This is just the beginning — we’ll continue to roll out the new services and experience to both customers and sellers in the upcoming months. To learn more, follow our Facebook and Instagram account for training materials in the future.

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